Pioneering the Trail




Goessel Monument, Goessel, KS

"1849 Camp Bois de Vache ...we make use of Buffalo Chips...we   were obbliged to use such fuel two nights before we reach the Santa Fe   Road..." O.W. Lipe, Cherokee letter May 11, 1849

"... Buffalo skeletons begin to appear...Found piles of buffalo chips   that Evan's Company [1849] had gathered last year. The camp fires of   Evan's Company left traces that are perfectly visible so plain that I   thought the Ox Team had camped here [last week]..." May 15, 1850 Diary

 This bronze Cherokee Trail Plaque was pried from this marker and stolen. This stone marker is located six miles south of Goessel, southeast of McPherson/Galva, Kansas.