Pioneering the Trail




Point of Rocks

 The Point of Rocks, trail landmark on the Arkansas - Platte divide. El Paso County, Colorado

"...sunday 24 [June] Peninsula Prairie 15[miles]..." James Sawyer Crawford Diary 1849

“…entered a butiful grove of pine timber    it did look butiful after traveling 2 mont over the vast extended plains.   the country rowling grass fine tolerable good land…cpt in a neck of prarie runing up in the timber   pine nots plenty to burn   watter not verry plenty…” John Pyeatt Kellum Diary June 24, 1849

"...we pased rocky points large mases of nacid rocks about the divide between the Platt and the ark rivers..." June 8, 1850 James Mitchell Diary

“…Camped near a beautiful hill, partly bare and partly covered with pine….went to the top. Sketched Pikes’ Peak again from it….June 17, 1850 William Quesenbury Diary

 " we crossed the dividing ridge between the Arks & Platt..." June 18, 1850 John Lowery Brown [Cherokee] diary