Pioneering the Trail




Crossing the Continental Divide-Five Buttes

The 1850 Cherokee Trail or the South Branch at Twin Groves (8100 ft) west of Saratoga, Wyoming.  (South Pass 7550 ft) Note the multiple sets of wagon ruts

"...we got fairly over the great divide between the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans..." June 29, 1850 Diary


Over the Divide and on to Five Buttes

Five Buttes looking west.

A noted pilot point from Twin Groves (Continental Divide). Left background is North Flattop Mountain the next pilot point west. 

One mile west beyond the Buttes is the head waters of Cherokee [Trail]Creek that flows west into the Muddy River that flows south to drain into the Little Snake River at Baggs, WY

Calvin Holmes with a small seven wagon train and driving 750 head of cattle noted on June 27 [1854] "passed the four mounds"

".. the pilot Ben Simons, who took us to a rise and showed us the direction..." June 28, 1850 Diary