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Potwin Ruts

potwin Ruts

CLASS 1 RUTS AT POTWIN - Located on the north edge of Potwin at 80 Street and Munson.

Potwin was incorporated as a town on April 8, 1885. This land, owned by Charles Potwin, whereby the town received its name, became a station for the Missouri Pacific Railroad, instigated by William I. Joseph, known as the Father of Potwin.
Mr. Joseph came from West Virginia and as more settlers arrived he became interested in a railroad to serve the area. After much diligent pursuit, the station was built and Mr. Joseph, a land agent for Charles Potwin, began development of a town site around the Potwin station. He opened a land office where the Potwin grocery now stands During the time of the trail, Potwin did not exist and was not even a campsite. The trail goers simply passed by this spot on their way to the Whitewater River crossing nearby. A post office was established in Ayr (an extinct town) on July 12, 1875, but it was moved to Potwin on September 22, 1885.